Marriage & Family Life


The Marriage Tribunal of the Diocese of Las Cruces exists to promote the work of justice, i.e., the protecting and promoting of rights, within the Church structures. The Tribunal, which directs most of its ministry toward the making right of marital and ecclesial relationships, envisions itself as part of the healing and evangelizing mission of the diocesan church. The Tribunal follows the principles contained in the 1983 Code of Canon Law, the directives of the Apostolic Signatura and the evolving jurisprudence of the Roman Rota in a way which is of pastoral and efficient service to persons and multicultural faith-communities of the Diocese of Las Cruces. Tribunal processes are designed so as to be accessible to all persons, regardless of language and verbal skills. The Tribunal processes lead to deepening insight for those seeking one of its juridical solutions.

Petition for declaration of nullity of marriage 

Please read the instructions carefully. It's best to get the assistance of your priest or an auditor who has been trained by the diocese. 

Annulment Petition-1 1-1 (2) (1).pdf

Petición para recibir declaración de nulidad del matrimonio

Favor de leer las instrucciones con detenimiento.  Es preferible recibir ayuda del sacerdote de su parroquia o de un auditor capacitados por la diócesis.

DLC SP Application for Annulment - Final Application (3) (1) (1).pdf

Very Rev. Christopher Williams, JCL

Adjutant Judicial Vicar